Kennedy continues Colorado tour

Kennedy continues Colorado tour Click to Enlarge

UND President Mark Kennedy continued his week-long tour of the University of Colorado System with a stop at the Colorado Springs campus on Tuesday.

At a public forum, a C-U alum remarked that Kennedy appeared to “lack sensitivity to the population of diversity.”

Kennedy’s voting record on gay rights issues as a Minnesota Congressman has come under scrutiny since he was named the only finalist for the presidency of the CU system..

The man asked Kennedy if he’d be receptive to re-opening the search process and compete with others for the president’s job.

Kennedy said it’s up to the Board of Regents to do that, then added, "I would reject the idea that I have not been a champion for diversity. My focus has always been on 'how do I extend that opportunity to first generation college grads that I received?'"

Kennedy will visit three other campuses in the next three days.

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