Kennedy Bridge Update

Kennedy Bridge Update Click to Enlarge

If you’re a regular user of the Kennedy Bridge you’ll have to find another route. The river crossing linking Grand Forks and East Grand Forks is off limits until early Sunday morning as construction teams do additional concrete work. It’s all part of the 15-point-six million dollar reconstruction of the 1963 bridge.

The project is supposed to be spread over two years but MN-Dot’s Paul Konickson says it looks like it might take even longer to complete all the work. He says while the majority of work will be completed next year some will continue on into the summer of 2019.

Mn-Dot says the goal is to have all four lanes open by the end of the 2018 construction season.

In addition to a new surface the work includes painting and aesthetic lighting. To provide space for a pedestrian / bicycle trail the existing center median is being removed and the width of the vehicle lanes will be narrowed.

Around 23-thousand vehicles drive over the “Kennedy” on a daily basis.

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