I-29 & I-94 Status Update

I-29 & I-94 Status Update Click to Enlarge

Interstate and state highways impassable in south central and eastern ND; No Travel Advised in south central and eastern ND

The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) and North Dakota Highway Patrol (NDHP) are advising motorists against travel in south central and eastern ND. Interstate 94 and 29 as well as other highways will remain closed throughout the night as NDDOT is bringing in additional equipment to continue to remove vehicles and clear roadways. Any abandoned vehicles on the interstate will be towed to the nearest interchange. Two-lane state highways in the south central and eastern part of the state, in which a No Travel Advisory is in effect, are greatly impacted by the high winds which have created heavy snow drifts at structures and sheltered areas. Snowplows are unable to get through some areas and roads are blocked and impassable. Motorists will become stranded if they travel on these roads and emergency response will be difficult. Because of the impact of this storm event and the strong winds prevailing into the night it is going to take the NDDOT a significant amount of time until these highways can be cleared for traffic.

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