GFK Boarding Levels Low

GFK Boarding Levels Low Click to Enlarge

Traffic through the Grand Forks Airport continues to slip and slide. Just over 85-hundred people passed through the gates in April. That’s down 21-percent compared to the same time one year ago. It’s also the lowest April boardings report since 2011. So far this year air travel through the G-F-K is down just shy of 16-percent – or 76-hundred travelers. G-F-K Executive Director Ryan Riesinger says the primary driver has been the exchange rate. He says the percentage of Canadian travelers has been cut in half.

Riesinger says the airlines adjusted to the change by reducing capacity…flights… and seats.

By comparison passenger traffic in Minot is also down through the first four months of 2017 while Fargo and Bismarck are up slightly.

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