GF Water Rates

GF Water Rates Click to Enlarge

A report being prepared for the Grand Forks City Council would freeze water rates next year in light of the voter approved sales tax increase. City Administrator Todd Feland says it follows a nine-percent hike in the waterworks budget in 2017 – the bulk going for a new water treatment plant. The local tax will target road repairs and water plant construction. Feland says the city was projecting a six-percent bump in residential rates and four-percent increase for commercial / industrial users in 2018. In the future Feland says residential rates will climb around two-and-a-half percent range - although the city would look at things on a yearly basis. The council will get a chance to weigh in on the recommendation next week. Feland made his comments as a guest on K-N-O-X’s Jarrod Thomas program.

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