GF Water Plant - Funding

GF Water Plant - Funding Click to Enlarge

The North Dakota Water Commission has approved the request by Grand Forks for another 30 million dollars to help pay for the new water treatment plant.

North Dakota lawmakers set aside the money in the state Water Commission budget this past legislative session. Lawmakers approved four-point-nine million dollars during the 2013-15 biennium for plant planning --and another 30 million for construction during the 2015-17 session.

City Administrator Todd Feland says they’ve already spent about a third of the first 30 million since the start of construction in December.

Feland says the city is still shooting for a 50-50 cost share. He says a request for additional state funding - around ten-million dollars - could come during the 2019-21 biennium.

The cost of the plant is pegged at around 150-million dollars. The local share is being funded through increased water rates – although a voter approved sales tax could be a part of the funding plan.

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