GF Voter Turnout

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Over 28-thousand votes were cast in Grand Forks County on Tuesday. The 50.26% turnout rate is a modern day record for a mid-term election. County Auditor Deb Nelson says she was pleased with the number. Last week’s early voting and absentee ballots also set a new record high. Nelson says some key ballot issues brought more people out to the polls.

Despite the solid showing Grand Forks had the fourth lowest county turnout rate - ahead of only McKenzie…Ward...and Williams. Nelson says she’s only concerned about providing the best possible voting experience in Grand Forks County.

Statewide over 329-thousand ballots were cast – a turnout rate of nearly 57%. In Minnesota the figure was closer to 64%.


Still pending in Grand Forks County are 165 set aside ballots. Those voters have until the November 13 Canvassing Board to provide state required ID information for the ballots to count.

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