GF - Shoveling Sidewalks

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Are you getting tired of shoveling…yet? A Grand Forks ordinance requires property owners to keep sidewalks and approach areas free of ice and snow.

So far this winter the N-W-S office in Grand Forks has received more snow than last year – but complaints about plugged sidewalks may be down.

It’s far from scientific but John Bernstrom of the city information office says since December 1st they have received 247 online complaints about icy snow-filled walks. That’s compared to nearly 300 at the same time one-year ago.

The city can step in to do the shoveling when owners fail to remove the white stuff within 24 hours after a snow event - at the owner's expense.

Last winter the city billed the owners of some 100 parcels a total of $11,660 dollars in cold cash for snow removal assessments.


By the way the city also assessed 31 property owners a total of $11,490 dollars during the summer months for mowing untidy lawns.

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