GF Sex Offenders

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The latest notice from the Grand Forks Police Department on the movement of a sex offender brings the total number of offenders living in the city to 114. Of that total - eleven are classified as being High Risk. Corporal Brian Robbins says the tally is on the high side of average for the department. Robbins admits the number fluctuates depending movement and who is released from jail.

Robbins says keeping tabs on their whereabouts is a full time job that involves such things as post office verification...door to door visits...and employer checks.

The G-F-P-D puts out notification notices on Level Three offenders to comply with state laws.


The latest offender to move to Grand Forks is Michael McGee. Authorities say McGee is residing at 18 North Washington Street.

McGee was convicted in 2003 aggravated sexual assault.

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