GF - Sewage Treatment

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Increased flows and bio-solids are starting to put a strain on the storage capacity of the Grand Forks sewage lagoon system. As a result the city is looking to launch a study on a new treatment option that will allow a more direct discharge of treated effluent directly into the Red River. Water Works Director Melanie Parvey says it’s time to start the planning now.

The city is looking to a U-V…or ultraviolet…disinfection process. The move would also allow the city to decommission two existing ponds. City Administrator Todd Feland says the good news is debt service on the existing treatment plant is coming off - including 13-million in the next year or so and the remaining 27-million dollars over the next six years.

The upgrade will cost around seven-and-a-half million dollars. The city is looking for consultants to complete preliminary designs by February of next year.

Meanwhile….East Grand Forks (MN) is expected to start flushing waste to the Grand Forks treatment plant through an interconnect system in the next week to ten days.

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