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The head of the Grand Forks School Board says Dr-Larry Nybladh is still the Superintendent of the Grand Forks School District - but will begin using banked vacation time until his retirement at the end of June.

The decision followed a recent meeting in which the superintendent allegedly yelled at employees. Board President Doug Carpenter denies that he ever tried to hide the status of the superintendent. He says not every item that occurs within an entity needs public discussion. "There's a lot that goes on in the school district everyday that's not public...not talked about...not discussed. I think in the interest of all the employees that's why this wasn't talked about more."

School Board member Meggen Sande says after the "incident" Nybladh agreed to use paid time away and stay out of the office until his retirement. Sande provided details of the time away to KNOX's Ryan Cunningham show on Friday. Sande tells K-N-O-X News "there shouldn't be anything that we should be afraid to talk about in the public. I will say the reason I didn't come forward with this was to protect the employee."

Carpenter says his interpretation of the time off is slightly different. He says it's his belief that Nybladh would be in the office for such things as board meetings…teacher negotiations… and other scheduled events through the end of the school year. Carpenter says Nybladh will also be available via phone for district business.

So will Nybladh run the next school board meeting in May? Carpenter says that’s up to the superintendent – but he is scheduled to be on vacation that day.

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