GF Schools - Budget battle

GF Schools - Budget battle Click to Enlarge

The fate of a proposed mill levy increase for the Grand Forks School District won’t be decided by the new board until August - but not all current members like the idea. A recommendation from the board’s finance committee was explained to the full membership last night (Monday). The district is looking at a three mill bump to create a special reserve fund that is allowed by state law. The fund could help cover costs for future salaries and other operation expenses.

Board member Meggen Sande says if the "new" dollars can technically be used for items already in the general fund budget it smacks of a sneaky way to get money from taxpayers.

Member Matt Spivey says he doesn’t view it as taking advantage of taxpayers but rather of doing the due diligence of the board.

Unless the district taps into the reserve fund it would be capped after five years.

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