GF School Moves

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The Grand Forks district will look to add two new School Resource Officers starting with the 2018-19 year. The addition will bring the number of police utilized by the local district to five.

Assistant Superintendent Jody Thompson says the move would place S-R-O’s in each high school and each in-town middle school.

The S-R-O program cost the district just over 94-thousand dollars this year. Next year the cost will jump to nearly 159-thousand dollars.


In other school board action this week -- members approved the appointment of Catherine Gillach as Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education. Gillach is currently a middle school principal in the district. She was among seven candidates to interview for the position.

Darin Walters, currently the Associate Principal at Valley Middle School, has been named an Associate Principal at Red River High School.

Mike Wilber, currently an Economics and Advanced Placement (AP) Macroeconomics Teacher at Grand Forks Central High School, has been named the Associate Principal of Valley Middle School.

The assignments are due to the reconfiguration of the Director of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, and Professional Development position, which is currently held by Dr. Terry Brenner, the retirement of Chris Douthit (Associate Principal, Red River High School), and Walters move from Valley Middle School to Red River High School.

Brenner will become the Superintendent of Schools on July 1, 2018.

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