GF School Enrollment

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The Grand Forks School District can expect to see continued enrollment growth in the coming years. A demographic consultant presented those findings to members of the school board last night. The analysis projects enrollment to climb by over 600 students during the next five years – or seven-point-six percent.

Robert Schwartz of R-S-P Associates projects enrollment to be around 81-hundred by 2022-23. The increase is tied to greater development in southern sections of the city - as well as infill development in the older core areas of town.

Schwartz says one of the fast growing groups will students at the high school level (14.6%)...middle school (5.6%)...and elementary grades (3.9%).

The study suggests the district address capacity challenges at Viking Elementary School. Schwartz says the projections may also come into play as the district continues to study future facility needs.

Enrollment has been growing in Grand Forks since the 2010-11 school year when it dropped to six-thousand-713 students.

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