GF School Enrollment

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Grand Forks Public Schools, which includes public schools in the city of Grand Forks and Nathan F. Twining Elementary and Middle School on the Grand Forks Air Force Base, had 7,440 students enrolled on the opening days of school.

When comparing this year’s opening enrollment to last year’s opening enrollment of 7,352, there was an increase of 88 students.

The largest increase of enrollment was at the middle school with the addition of 84 students this year.

In comparison to the May 2017 enrollment of 7,247 students, there was an increase of 193 students.

The districts largest grade level of students was in kindergarten (637 students), making it the second-largest kindergarten class in the last 10 years. The smallest grade level was 513 students in 11th grade.

“It was exciting to see the large number of kindergarten students,” said Jody Thompson, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning at Grand Forks Public Schools.

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