GF Sales Tax May Increase

GF Sales Tax May Increase Click to Enlarge

The Grand Forks council may be eying a one-half percent increase in the local sales tax to help fund road repairs and the new water treatment plant. City Administrator Todd Feland presented proposals for both a-half cent and a three-quarter percent hike last night. Feland says with the budget process just around the corner so the timing is right to begin the discussion again.

Feland says under a one-half percent plan two-million dollars would go towards the water plant and three million towards roads. Council member Bret Weber says the idea makes sense -- potholes and water.

Grand Forks voters rejected a three-quarter percent tax hike last year. Feland says unlike the last go around this proposal would focus strictly on the water plant and roads -- not wastewater or projects like an interchange or the 42nd Street underpass.

The council took no action.

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