GF Road Repairs

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A lengthy list of Grand Forks street repair projects is being readied for bid this spring. The city council looked over the construction menu last night - ranging from asphalt mill overlay to concrete panel replacements.

The larger projects will be funded 80-percent by the city and 20-percent through special assessments. Prior to the recent sales tax vote the project share was 50-50.

City Engineer Al Grasser says his office is trying to squeeze two-point-three million dollars in upgrades into a two-million dollar budget.

Grasser says if construction costs come in high they can always remove one of the projects from the list. The bids are due March 19th.

Project list:

No. 7878.1, District No. 721.1 – Concrete Panel Repair & Grinding for Belmont Rd (17th Ave S to Park Dr) No. 7878.2, District No. 721.2 – Concrete Panel Repair & Grinding for Belmont Rd (32nd Ave S to 47th Ave S) No. 7878.3, District No. 721.3 – Concrete Panel Repair & Grinding for 11th Ave S (S 42nd St to S 30th St)

No. 7794.1, District No. 715.1 – Mill & Overlay for N 20th St (University Ave to Gateway Dr) No. 7794.2, District No. 715.2 – Mill & Overlay for S 20th St (24th Ave S to 32nd Ave S) No. 7794.3, District No. 715.3 – Mill & Overlay for Belmont Rd (Park Dr to 32nd Ave S) No. 7794.4, District No. 715.4 – Mill & Overlay for 27th Ave S (S 20th St to 28th Ave S), S 19th St (25th Ave S to 27th Ave S), and 25th Ave S (S 19th St to S 20th St) No. 7718, District No. 712 – Adams Drive Reconstruction (Desiree Dr to 62nd Ave S)

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