GF Road Construction

GF Road Construction Click to Enlarge

The 2019 road construction season is in full swing across North Dakota.

State D-O-T officials will spend some 370-million dollars on road projects this year.

In Grand Forks the downtown DeMers Avenue reconstruction is underway – plus the rebuilding of University Avenue through the U-N-D campus.

On the flip side the D-O-T has pulled the plug on two other planned projects in Grand Forks this summer. The state was looking to upgrade sidewalk curb ramps along Washington from Hammerling to 8th Avenue North. The D-O-T has also scrapped a concrete pavement repair on North Washington from 8th to Gateway Drive.

The D-O-T’s Les Nohre says the panel replacement project was a casualty of the downtown DeMers project which came in 32-percent over engineer estimates. Nohre says there wasn’t enough money for both - the goal is to rebid the North Washington project in 2020.

Projects already slated for next year: a mill and overlay of University Avenue and on North 5th Street.

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