GF Property Taxes

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There won’t be a half mill increase in the city portion of your Grand Forks tax bill next year to help fund employee raises. The city council took the tax hike off the table last night following a motion to reconsider last week’s preliminary budget approval. Council member Sandi Marshall says given state funding cuts it makes sense to stick with the mayor’s original salary plan rather than tack another 123-thousand dollars onto the formula.

Council member Bret Weber proposed the tax hike last week and says employees deserve to get paid. Weber says he's proud to say the day after Labor Day that employees deserve to get paid according to their labor agreement.

Weber called the motion not to fully fund employee salary increases a knee jerk reaction - blaming "provocative" discussion on K-N-O-X Radio for the vote reversal.

Weber - who participated in the meeting via phone early on - was not available for the final six-zero vote to eliminate the tax hike. Final approval of the 237-million dollar spending plan will occur September 18th.

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