GF - November Election

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Voting in the November special election in Grand Forks will be conducted at one polling location – the Alerus Center. The city council gave preliminary approval to polling hours and ballot language for the sales tax vote last night. The city opted to use a single site for casting ballots during the special election over Arbor Park. That prompted criticism from some and a legal challenge which was denied by the courts. Council President Dana Sande suggested the city look into providing additional transit opportunities for voters who may have difficulty getting to the Alerus. Council member Sandi Marshall says it sound like a good idea but she wishes it was done during the June special election.

Sande says fine-tuning city elections is a learning process and if it makes it easier for voters it's worth the conversation.

Voters will decide whether to raise the local sales tax by one-half percent for roads and water on November 7th.

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