GF Garbage Study

GF Garbage Study Click to Enlarge

Expect Grand Forks leaders to do a little trash talking in the near future about garbage and recycling.

Council President Dana Sande is floating the idea as a way to potentially save ratepayers some money. Sande says he's heard some people question whether it’s cost effective to continue the city’s recycling program. He says after looking into the relationship between the two services - recycling may be one of the best values in the community. Sande says he pays $2.37 for recycling vs $15.09 each month for garbage pick-up. He says much of what is tossed out can probably be recycled and maybe it's time to discuss contracting garbage collection dates. Sande says the big unknown is whether the public would accept alternating between recycling and garbage every other week.

Grand Forks Mayor Mike Brown says he would not be opposed to the analysis. The goal would be to complete the study before the 2019 budget process.

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