GF-EGF Rail Bridge Fire

GF-EGF Rail Bridge Fire Click to Enlarge

An investigation into Friday’s rail bridge fire in Grand forks stops short of calling the blaze an act of arson. Grand Forks Fire Battalion Chief Bruce Weymier says the probe has determined the fire was caused by a human act. The report does not specify whether it was intentionally set or accidental. Weymier says creosote used in the rail ties and the amount of water poured on the burning bridge complicated efforts to pinpoint the exact cause of the fire.

The investigation was a joint effort between the Grand Forks Fire Department… Grand Forks Police Department…and Burlington Northern personnel. Weymier says the fire started inside the bridge structure near the base on the west side closest to the bike path. The flames quickly spread throughout the structure.

B-N-S-F says they won’t release a damage estimate – but it was significant with crews working around the clock to reopen the rail crossing.

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