GF - Downtown Streets

Grand Forks leaders are being asked to weigh in on the future look of the downtown come fall. North Dakota transportation officials are seeking input on rehabbing DeMers Avenue from the Sorlie Bridge to Sixth Street.

The options include a simple mill and overlay or a complete reconstruction. The mill and overlay would cost around 350-thousand dollars…take four to six weeks…and have a life expectancy of ten years. A full reconstruction would cost six-point-five million…take four to six months…and last 30-years. With a full reconstruction the city could add a lot of new project amenities.
Council member Bret Weber says he knows a majority of stakeholders prefer the cheaper route - but he hopes the city can at least have the conversation about a full reconstruction.
Council President Dana Sande says he is all for talking - but you can mill and overlay multiple times for the price of a reconstruction

Downtown Demers Avenue is slated for improvements in 2019.

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