GF County Sheriff warns of phone scam

GF County Sheriff warns of phone scam Click to Enlarge

The Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Office is getting several reports of a phone scam targeting area residents.

The caller claims to be Lieutenant Gary Grove of the Sheriff’s office. He tells the individual that there’s an active warrant for their arrest, for failing to report to jury duty.

He then tells the individual to go to Loaf-N-Jug or Office Max and obtain a money card, which they are to bring to the courthouse kiosk, and deposit the money right away.

The caller also says the individual needs to stay on speakerphone, so they can assure they are doing as they are told.

The Sheriff’s Office says the public should not do any of these things. If you receive any such call, you’re asked to contact the Sherriff’s Office at 780-8280.

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