GF - CDBG Budget

GF - CDBG Budget Click to Enlarge

It may be a late start but Grand Forks leaders are preparing to move forward with the allocation of funding for the 2018 Community Development Block Grant program. Community Development Deputy Director Meredith Richards informed the city council last night that federal funds may available after all. Richards says the C-D-B-G program was zeroed out in President Trump's budget but lawmakers are looking to restore the funding.

The city anticipates receiving around 360-thousand dollars in federal funding next year - roughly the same amount as this year.

The total anticipated budget for next year would be around 550-thousand dollars.

Under the current plan some 40-thousand would be used to help shore up funding for the Social Detox project. Another 400-thousand would be available for bricks and mortar projects sought by local agencies on a competitive application process.

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