G-F Speed Limits

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Mayor Mike Brown has put up a stop sign on further talk of reducing speeds on arterial streets in Grand Forks. Brown today pulled the discussion of speed limit changes from the city council agenda. On Monday the council spent an hour talking about speed limit changes on Washington…Columbia…and 32nd Avenue South. The mayor says there are more important things going on in the city that warrant attention - including fixing pot holes.

Brown admits public feedback entered into his decision. According to the mayor distracted driving is probably more of a safety concern on city streets than reducing speeds by five miles an hour.

Council Vice-President Ken Vien says he supports the move. Vien says there are still questions to answer when it comes to appropriate speed limits. He says it’s something the city can tackle down the road.


Grand Forks, ND – Mayor Brown, in consultation with City Council President Dana
Sande, and the Engineering Department is removing the discussion item regarding speed
limit changes from the City Council’s agenda.
“We’re going to put speed limits to the side and focus on fixing potholes and making sure
our roads and City are open for business,” said Mayor Michael R. Brown “We’re going
to focus on our priorities, infrastructure, being open for business, making sure we’re
positioned to be a smart, healthy city, and engaging with our residents, those are the areas
we’re going to give our time and energy to.”

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