G-F Ordinance Allows Bars To Host Events With Minors

Only three people spoke out against an ordinance last night to allow bars to host private parties and wedding receptions attended by those under the age of 21. The Grand Forks council held a public hearing on the law change which requires a permit from the city. Supporters say it’s a pro-business move since the license holder can already dispense the booze for a special event at another location. The ordinance limits the alcohol to wine…sparkling wine…and beer. Critics say allowing minors in a bar setting sends the wrong message.

Council member Brett Weber says killing the ordinance won’t end co-mingling at events serving alcohol.

Council member Jeannie Mock says the building alone won’t automatically increase youth access to alcohol.

President Dana Sande says it's "ridiculous" to suggest that the council doesn't care about underage drinking.

The council voted six to one in favor of the measure – Sandi Marshall cast the lone “no” vote.

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