Frost Fire Sale

Frost Fire Sale Click to Enlarge

The sale of the Frost Fire Ski and Amphitheatre appears to be a go. A feasibility analysis by the Pembina Gorge Foundation has led to a purchase agreement - and a closing date by the end of the month. Supporters are working to raise three-point-one million dollars in a capital campaign – two-point-one million which would go towards the purchase price. The Grand Forks Jobs Development Authority approved five-thousand dollars in Growth Fund money last October to help with the feasibility report. The foundation is asking the city for flexibility in spending the remaining 23-hundred dollars.

Richard and Judith Johnson have owned the 172 acre facility for 40 years. Richard died in March of last year and Judith is unable to run the operations on her own.

The Grand Forks Growth Fund will consider the request later today (4:30).

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