Fargo - Shots Fired

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Fargo police have arrested two people after shots were fired in what is described as a drive-by shooting over drugs. Authorities say it appears as if the suspects attempted to rob the victim of drugs Sunday afternoon.

The P-D says it appears all parties met at a nearby shopping center where one of the suspects got into the car with the victim. After a struggle inside the vehicle the victim managed to drive off - with the suspects in pursuit. During the chase shots were fired. Fargo and West Fargo police managed to stop the car and recovered a handgun matching casings found at the scene.

The victim received medical attention for injuries sustained during the attempted robbery and scuffle over the gun. Three people were taken into custody - and two were later charged. Fargo police identified the suspects as 26-year old Oscar Kayee of West Fargo and 21-year old Ryan Kitch who has no permanent address.

Charges include: conspiracy to commit robbery and attempted murder.

The incident remains under investigation.

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