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A newborn baby found by police officers in North Dakota who were searching for a missing pregnant woman was with another woman who’s been arrested on a kidnapping charge.

Fargo police Chief David Todd says authorities believe the infant is the daughter of 22-year-old Savanna Greywind, but they’re doing DNA testing to make sure. That could take several days.

Greywind was last seen at her apartment Saturday afternoon and is still missing. Authorities found the newborn in an apartment in her building Thursday.

Police late Thursday separately arrested a 32-year-old man and a 38-year-old woman who were neighbors of Greywind. Todd says the baby was found with the woman.

Formal charges are pending against the suspects. The baby is in the custody of child protective services and is being cared for in a medical facility.

Fargo Police Statement:

The Fargo Police Department is asking for the communities help to further our missing person investigation of Savanna Greywind, we are asking area residents to check their out buildings (garages, sheds, gazebos, fenced yards, etc.) for any signs of suspicious activity or evidence, which may assist us in locating Savanna Greywind.

We are also asking apartment rental property owners to check their properties to include vacant garages, vacant apartments, and garage dumpsters for any signs of suspicious activity or evidence, which may assist in furthering our investigation.

We are also seeking information regarding the brown 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4 door with MN 876 EPR plates pictured in the attached photos. If you have seen this Jeep anytime between Saturday, August the 19th afternoon and Thursday, August the 24th afternoon please let us know. Some distinguishing characteristics of the Jeep is the rust on the roof and the missing paint on the hood.

If you know, where Savanna is or find any signs of suspicious activity on your property, which may be connected to Savanna’s disappearance please contact the Fargo Police department through the First Link Tip Line at 701-235-7335.

Fargo Police Statement:

At approximately 4:30 pm on Saturday, August 19th, the family of 22 year-old Fargo resident Savanna Marie Greywind, reported her as a missing person. Savanna was reported to be 8 months pregnant. She was last seen at about 1:30 pm.

Savanna had went to a neighboring apartment to assist her neighbor with a sewing project. That apartment is in the same building in which Savanna resides.

The tenants of the apartment she visited are 38 year-old Brooke Lynn Crews and 32 year-old William Henry Hoehn. They live at 2825 9th St. N. apartment #5 in Fargo.

In the initial missing person’s investigation, interviews were conducted with Crews and Hoehn and no leads were developed. Crews indicated that Savanna had left the apartment after helping her with the sewing project.

The investigating officer received consent to search the apartment and did not locate anything suspicious. The officer returned again with a supervisor and conducted another search of the apartment. A third consent search was done by a detective in the follow-up of the investigation.

Over the last several days, we have devoted all of our investigative resources to conduct the interviews and complete the numerous investigative tasks associated with a missing person’s case and the numerous leads that have come in.

We’ve had 35 detectives, four sergeants, two lieutenants and a deputy chief working - in many cases around the clock on this investigation and we have also received assistance from local, state and federal agencies. We’ve also used K9s, watercraft and several aircraft in this investigation.

Detectives and officers have extensively canvassed the neighborhood area in search of Savanna Marie Greywind and her family has also searched the neighborhood.

After developing further information pursuant to the investigation, at approximately 2pm our investigation’s unit executed a search warrant at 2825 9th St. N. apartment #5 – which is the residence of Crews and Hoehn.

Brooke Crews was home during the execution of the search warrant. A newborn infant was also present in the apartment. The infant was alive and was immediately taken to a medical facility. Our investigation thus far indicates the probability that this is Savanna Greywind’s child.

William Hoehn and Brooke Crews were detained and brought to the police department for interviews by detectives working on this case. As further information was developed and evidence obtained, William Henry Hoehn and Brooke Lynn Crews were both arrested and charged with class A Felony Conspiracy to Commit Kidnapping.

Detectives will be working many more hours as they continue to gather evidence and develop new leads.

I thank our officers, detectives and supervisors for their professionalism and the incredible effort they’ve put into this investigation thus far and for the many hours and days ahead as we continue our search for Savanna Marie Greywind.

Because this is still a very active investigation and there are aspects of it we need to protect, we will not be answering questions regarding this case at this time.

Chief David Todd

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