Entomologist: Asian beetles common in fall

Entomologist: Asian beetles common in fall Click to Enlarge

If you’ve noticed an abundance of Asian Beetles lately, an extension entomologist from NDSU says it’s nothing new.

Janet Knodel says it occurs every year about this time, as the days get shorter, and night temps get cooler. She says the beetles are looking to hibernate.

"They usually like the spot between the inside and outside wall of the house," Knodel said. "Unfortunately, they often end up in our living area of our house, instead of the wall void. But they do cause a major aggravation for homeowners, because sometimes they move into the home by hundreds and thousands."

How do you get rid of them?

"Just keep them out of your house, you can sweep them up or vacuum them and then dispose of the bag outside in the garbage, double-bagged, or keep them out," Knodel said. "They're hard to keep out but if you have any cracks in your foundation or home, we recommend that you seal or caulk those areas so that they can't enter into the home."

Knodel says most of the bugs can fit into a crack as narrow as a credit card.

Knodel says some people use pesticides, but she says they don’t always work "because the insect is biologically starting to slow down for hibernation, so they're not as easily killed by the pesticides this time of year."

Knodel says the bugs do bite, but the bite is mild and non-toxic. She says they usually won’t bite, unless you handle them.

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