EGF Sewage Ponds

EGF Sewage Ponds Click to Enlarge

East Grand Forks officials will hold a conference call with members of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency before awarding bids for decommissioning the city’s waste water ponds. The city has received two working proposals – both involve leaving bio-solids on site. City Engineer Steve Emery informed the council last night that he wants to make sure that plan is still acceptable with the state before moving forward to avoid unanticipated costs.

Emery says there have been some changes in personnel at the M-P-C-A since the last time the issue was address.

The ponds will no longer be needed once the “interconnect” is ready – which should happen next month. The estimated cost to decommission the ponds is six-point-two million dollars.

East Grand Forks will maintain a 22 acre site in event of an emergency. The “dry” basin would have enough capacity for about three weeks.

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