EGF Pool Repairs Underway

EGF Pool Repairs Underway Click to Enlarge

East Grand Forks is targeting January first as a launch date for the new one-percent sales tax. The goal was to enact the new tax this fall - but the city won’t be able to meet state notification requirements.

East Grand Forks voters approved the local tax a-year-and-a-half ago to pay for the pool renovation project. 70-percent of voters supported the tax hike. The next step is for the city to adopt an ordinance and notify the state 90-days before the quarter in which they plan to start collecting the money. The tax would be on the books for five years - or until some two-point-eight million dollars has been collected.

Meanwhile…repairs continue on the East Grand Forks pool. Cracked water lines prevented the swimming hole from its scheduled opening in late May. The goal is to have the pool up and running the week of July 24th.

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