EGF Drug Bust

EGF Drug Bust Click to Enlarge

A bad batch of “bath salts” are being blamed on a pair of drug related calls to the East Grand Forks (MN) Police Department this morning….

Officers were dispatched to Sixth Street Northeast around eight a-m on a report of a person acting erratically in his vehicle. The individual was cited for controlled substance D-W-I.

During the course of the arrest officers were sent to a nearby address on a report of a subject with a slashed throat. Police say there was no injury and the individual was hallucinating. An empty bag of meth was found nearby.

The Pine to Prairie Drug Task Force says a third individual was hospitalized in Grand Forks for what was believed to be an overdose of methamphetamines. The Task Force says the synthetic drug has been in the area before – but not lately.

Police are urging the public to use caution if they come in contact with the “designer” drug. Signs of ingestion can include: constant twitching…feeling like they want to die…crawling skin…dilated pupils…erratic behavior…hallucinations… and death.

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