EGF council considers Parks & Rec Commission

EGF council considers Parks & Rec Commission Click to Enlarge

The East Grand Forks Council is considering a proposed Parks and Recreation Commission for the city.

At Tuesday night’s council work session, Parks and Rec director Reid Huttunen said the commission would serve the council in an advisory capacity.

"My hope with this is that is a group that can be an extra set of eyes and ears in the buildings," Huttunen said, "and if we want to do surveys of participants, that hopefully this is a group...that can go out and be able to have a vested interest in doing that surveying, and bring it back to the group for discussion, to be able to bring a more finished product to the council than what we currently have been able to."

Council member Clarence Vetter has reservations.

"This commission is going to get away on us," Vetter said. "And it's going to do what it wants to do without council's approval and I'm not going to vote for it."

Council member Marc Demers sees some merit in the commission.

"The detail stuff is where I see this group being hands-on, more tactile, on-the-ground kind of group that can make those decisions probably...the same if not better than us, and we don't need to spend time trying to figure out if we need red swings or blue swings or whatever," Demers said.

Among the issues remaining to be decided is the makeup of the commission. The council is expected to decide the issue in the coming weeks.

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