Dismantling of Altru Clinic building begins

Dismantling of Altru Clinic building begins Click to Enlarge

After sitting vacant for more than nine months, demolition has started on Altru’s Main Clinic building.

Altru’s Chief Operating Officer Brad Wehe says tear-down work began last week on the building that’s been closed since December 29th because of structural problems.

"We're guessing it's about a three-month project," Wehe said. "They're actually dismantling and taking apart the clinic section-by-section."

Wehe added, "There's no plan to build anything on that exact spot, so it'll be just back-filled in as green space."

Wehe says he’s not sure about the cost of demolition, but says Altru will pay the bill.

As for future construction, Wehe said, "the Board of Directors is in the process of assessing what is the next space or spaces that need to be built and invested in, and I feel like we're nearing the end of that process and we'll be able to announce something soon."

All services that were in the clinic have been relocated.

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