Devils Lake Spill Cleanup Still in Process

Devils Lake Spill Cleanup Still in Process Click to Enlarge

State health officials are continuing to monitor the cleanup of about 500 gallons (1,900 liters) of diesel fuel that spilled into Devils Lake in northeast North Dakota.

Officials say the spill happened Tuesday at the Army National Guard's Camp Grafton facility when a diesel fuel dispenser malfunctioned.The Health Department says about 1,300 gallons (4,900 liters) of fuel was contained at the site, but about 500 gallons migrated through the storm sewer system into the lake.Assessments conducted Thursday showed no areas of diesel fuel or sheen on the lake. Health officials say it's likely that the fuel previously on the lake has broken up and dissipated.Officials say they'll continue to monitor it. There have been no reports of harm to fish or wildlife.

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