Cub Scouts ready to welcome girls

Cub Scouts ready to welcome girls Click to Enlarge

The Cub Scouts’ program is making a major change --- it is now open to girls, as well as boys.

Local District Director Thomas Huether says four girls are currently signed up for the Grand Forks program, but since he hasn’t received many inquiries, he’s not sure how many girls to expect.

"It is a little bit of an adjustment," Huether said, "just not knowing how it's all going to play out. But we're preparing ourselves to the best of our ability, as the scout motto (says), 'Be prepared,' so whether we have a lot of influx of new youth joining or just our regular amount, we're prepared for it."

Huether says girl Cub Scouts will have the same uniforms as the boys.

"Nothing's really changing other than we'll be allowing girls to come into the program this year.

"They will be in single-gender dens, so we'll have boys and girls den, but they will all be part of the sme pack."

Grand Forks boys and girls can sign up for Cub Scouts at each Grand Forks elementary school on the evening of August 30th.

Huether says most scouting towns in northeast North Dakota, as well as five in northwest Minnesota, will be welcoming girls this fall.

Girls will be allowed to join the Boy Scouts beginning in February.

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