Colorado students protest against Kennedy

Colorado students protest against Kennedy Click to Enlarge

An estimated 100 students attended a rally Monday at the University of Colorado Boulder to protest the selection of UND President Mark Kennedy as the lone finalist for the presidency of the Colorado University System.

Chanting "Hey-hey, ho-ho, Kennedy has got to go," the students raised concerns about what they called Kennedy’s history of voting against gay rights when he was a Minnesota Congressman.

Alex Wolf-Root, a CU philosophy graduate student, said Kennedy "didn't just vote for it; he co-sponsored the bill to make people second-class citizens due to sexual orientation, and lots of other kind of very anti-Colorado values, insofar as extreme votes against women's right to choose."

Wolf-Root added, "I think once you say 'you are less valuable as a person due to your orientation,' it's not a politics issue. It's a human rights and decency issue. So I think that alone" should disqualify Kennedy.

The students also voiced displeasure with the selection process by the CU Board of Regents, saying it doesn’t represent the students’ views.

Kennedy was chosen as the finalist last Wednesday but must wait two weeks before being hired. Kennedy is scheduled to begin touring Colorado campuses on April 22nd.

Kennedy has been UND’s president since 2016.

(Photo/interviews: Connor Shreve, KOA)

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