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Governor Doug Burgum is expected to bring his Main Street Initiative program to Grand Forks next month. City Administrator Todd Feland informed the council of the upcoming visit last night. Feland says city staff members are already planning ahead.

Burgum’s plan focuses on downtown and main streets to enhance communities. It also calls for sustainability of growth patterns by restoring neighborhoods vs expanding cities outward creating new costs for infrastructure. A specific date for the meeting has not been set.

Main Street Initiative

“To create a 21st century economy, we need to build on three pillars of economic success: a skilled workforce; smart, efficient infrastructure; and healthy, vibrant communities. By reinventing education, we will create a skilled workforce that matches the high-paying jobs of today and tomorrow. Utilizing our current infrastructure to its fullest potential, we can reduce the cost of local government and create vibrant, healthy cities. With your help, the Main Street Initiative will revitalize communities across our state and help keep North Dakota exceptional.”

Three Pillars Of Economic Success:
A Skilled Workforce; Smart, Efficient Infrastructure; &

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