Bio Plant Looks To Locate In G-F

Grand Forks is being asked to approve tax incentives to help land a biorefinery plant on the city’s north side. The City Council has set a public hearing on the project by Red River BioRefinery on August 7th. The company hopes to take waste from food processors throughout the region and transform it into ethanol for markets in California and Canada. The solids that result from the process will be sold as compost and animal feed. An 80-thousand square foot facility would be built on eleven acres of land at 23-55 North 39th Street. E-D-C’s Keith Lund says the company will invest over 21-million dollars in the project.

If approved the tax savings would amount to 456-thousand dollars over the five year span. The project would create 26 new jobs. The company hopes to be operational in 2018.

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