Bear Killed In GF County

Bear Killed In GF County Click to Enlarge

A motorist escaped injury after crashing his pick-up into a black bear in Grand Forks County this morning. The Grand Forks Sheriff’s Department says the accident occurred on County 33 between Gilby and Manvel. The bear was killed in the collision. Authorities say it took three deputies and a game warden to lift the animal – estimated at several hundred pounds.

Marty Egeland of the North Dakota Game and Fish Department says black bears are not all that common in Grand Forks County - but he’s not surprised by the report either. Egeland says “more and more as go along we probably get more reports.” He says 15 years ago you would have a siting every few years and now it’s every year.

The bear will be taken to the North Dakota Game and Fish office in Bismarck for a Necropsy to determine the age…sex…and health of the bear.

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