GF Arbor Park Lawsuit (NEW)

GF Arbor Park Lawsuit (NEW) Click to Enlarge

The outcome of the Arbor Park lawsuit is now in the hands of a judge. Both sides rested their case this morning and will submit closing briefs to Judge Steven Marquart by five p-m next Wednesday. Arbor Park supporters filed a legal challenge against the city of Grand Forks over the June election. They claim the city erred by holding just one election site and tossing a pair of absentee ballots. Attorney Ron Fischer represented Grand Forks in the case. Fischer says he's confident in the outcome of the case.

Plaintiff Attorney Henry Howe says park supporters are on solid ground with their arguments. He says it's premature for the city to remove art from the site before the issue is settled.

Voters narrowly approved allowing the city to move ahead with plans to develop the downtown pocket park. Judge Marquart will issue a ruling in the case at a future date.

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