ACS - Passing The Sniff Test

ACS - Passing The Sniff Test Click to Enlarge

American Crystal officials say investments aimed at reducing odors emanating from the East Grand Forks plant are proving successful – but they come at a cost.

A-C-S Plant Manager Lloyd Kennedy says since 2006 the sugar company has invested nearly 40 million dollars in environmental treatment efforts.

Kennedy says handling and treating water is a major portion of the company’s business. He says beets are 76-percent water which results in the EGF plant treating and produce 450 million gallons during a processing season.

Kennedy briefed the East Grand Forks council this week on the investments - calling it an on-going effort.

East Grand Forks officials say smell complaints are way down.

The all-out beet harvest will begin October 1st. Company officials say it looks to be another solid crop year.

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