GF 2018 Budget

GF 2018 Budget Click to Enlarge

The Grand Forks City Council is looking to increase taxes a-half mill in order to fully fund employee raises in 2018. At issue is whether the city grants a two-point-22 percent raise or a two-point-74 percent increase. Councilman Bret Weber argues the higher rate follows city policy since 2003.

Council President Dana Sande says employees are the city’s greatest asset and they deserve extra money but it sends the wrong message to taxpayers. Sande notes that state employees didn't receive a raise and there were job cuts at UND.

The half-mill bump will cost around two-dollars 25 cents per 100-thousand dollars value. The council voted five to two to support the mill levy increase.

City staff say they will look for additional savings within the budget before final budget approval on September 18th. Next year’s budget also includes a two-point-95 percent increase in utility rates.

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