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Aug 7, 2014 at 7:01 am

The future growth of the Grand Sky UAS tech park could bring thousands of jobs to the region.   The success of the park could also neccessitate additional services including security…fire…and ambulance.   Grand Forks Sheriff Bob Rost says they’re already starting to think about a public safety center on site.   Rost says the tech park would not fall under the responsibility or security of GFAFB personnel.

Rost says it’s only in the concept stage right now.   He says if the project takes off the area would exceed the population of most small towns in Grand Forks County with the exception for the city of Grand Forks.   The sheriff outlined the idea in a letter to the Grand Forks County Board.

The lease for over 200 acres of land on the local base is being finalized between the U-S Air Force and Grand Forks County.   Northrup Grumman has already agreed to be an anchor tenant at the site.





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