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Sep 5, 2013 at 6:48 am


Grand forks may have a new terminal building but other parts of the airport are starting to show some age.   G-f-k executive director Patrick dame briefed members of the city council on a ten year capital improvement program this week.   dame is asking the city to support lobbying the 2015 legislative session and beyond for additional airport improvement dollars.   he says the runway infrastructure dates back to 1963 and portions of the apron are so bad they’re turning to dust.  Councilman doug Christensen says it’s a hard problem to address in lieu the city’s ability to tax.

In 2012 the g-f-k had over 366-thousand take-offs and landings with u-n-d accounting for 95-percent of the total.   Councilman dana sande says suggestions that the university ante-up more for airport improvements comes at a cost to students and possibly future contracts.

Dame says the airport could have 93-million dollars in capital needs over the next decade.


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