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Oct 16, 2013 at 7:50 am


The city of grand forks is looking to purchase three acres of park district land near choice health and fitness for the location of a new south side fire station.   Under the terms of the deal the city will pay nearly 459-thousand dollar for the lot.  Originally the city was eyeing two acres but fire chief peter o’neill says the additional space made sense for both parties.

O’neill says they opted to buy the land now rather than later.  The city could use the added space for a remote south side police station or safety village with partner agencies.

As part of the purchase the city will also have to absorb 123-thousand dollars in special assessments.   the station could be up and running in early 2016.   fire officials say the new station will improve the department’s coverage.   the city council is expected to approve the land sale on monday night.

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