GF County Faces Big Bill

GF County Faces Big Bill Click to Enlarge

Jul 19, 2013 at 11:54 am


the expansion of Medicaid services in north Dakota could end up costing counties a pretty penny.   The legislature approved the changes to help cover more uninsured residents – part of the federal health law.    around 65-thousand north Dakotans are currently enrolled but the new guidelines could extend eligibility to another 32-thousand.   Many county social service agencies say they will have to add staff to handle the additional caseloads.   The grand forks county board this week agreed to fund up to 12-new positions -- a  move that could cost taxpayers 698-thousand dollars.   Several board members have expressed frustration at the state for not providing any financial help.   Senator tim mathern says it is a legitimate concern.  However mathern says right now there’s no way to tell how many people will apply so it’s hard to guage the actual cost.   mathern says there is some money in medicaid expansion to assist counties and the application process may be funneled into a website to help further reduce the local impact. 

mathern says an interim care study committee is currently researching some of those questions.   The Medicaid expansion will take effect January first.

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