Flood Threat

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Apr 19, 2013 at 7:48 am

One factor that would help minimize the flood risk this Spring is a warming of soil temperatures in the Red River Valley.   Greg Gust of the National Weather Service in Grand Forks says those temps are slowly climbing but not enough to capture a lot of the snowmelt runoff.   Gust says it’s hard to warm the soil when there is so much snow on top of it.   As a result the soil is not holding a lot of water.

Gust says evaporation can also be a factor but with our cool temps it only amounts to about a hundredth of an inch per day with full sun.   He says that gets wiped out by one precipitation event.   A new outlook model released this week suggests there is a 40-percent chance of Fargo seeing a record event this Spring.    The Red River will likely reach a top five all-time crest in Greater Grand Forks.

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